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1-2-2014 NEWS: Notice to Serve letters will be sent beginning January 13.  Please read and respond when you receive your letter.  Online training for additional pay will open on January 10 for the March 18 General Primary Election and closes March 18.

* Certified election judges (those who took 4-hour classroom training here in our building in 2012) who work in the polling place on Election Day will receive $50 for completing program 8. 

* Non-certified election judges who work in the polling place on Election Day will receive $25 for completing program 8.

* Complete one program, 8. Primary Elections in Illinois. 

* To receive extra pay, complete the optional online training program 8 by March 18.


All other programs (2-7) are open for the cycle for your convenience and refresher, but will NOT count towards the extra pay.  It is YOUR choice whether to complete any or all programs.

9-27-2013 NEWS: Reminding election judges that the next election will be March 18, 2014, the General Primary.  Notice to serve letters and information about online training for the March election will be sent around mid-January.  Four-hour certification training classes will be held in April and May, 2014.  Dates and times will be sent when the schedule is finalized.

1-8-2013 NEWS: Thanks to all those who completed the Nov. 2012 Post Election Survey online.  Click here for a summary of the comments and our responses where we felt clarification might be helpful.

1-8-2013 NEWS: Notice to Serve letters have been sent to election judges selected to work at polls on February 26, 2013.  Please respond promptly whether you can work or not.

9-29-2012 NEWS: Second letter to assigned judges will be mailed Oct. 2.  Please read all information send regarding your Nov. 6, 2012 polling place assignment!

8-6-2012 NEWS: Letters regarding new online training cycle will be sent this week.  If you are an active election judge, look for your mail soon.  Notice to Serve letters for the General Election will be sent the first week of September 2012.

1-10-2012 NEWS: Notice to Serve letters have been sent to election judges selected to work at the polls on March 20, 2012.  If you have received a Notice to Serve letter, call-email-mail your response today!! 

12-1-2011 NEWS: Today all active election judges are being mailed a reminder of the online training cycle including their user names and passwords.  Watch for Notice to Serve letters around the middle of January, which will include a schedule of training sessions for the laptop pollbooks.

If you receive a Notice to Serve letter in January, respond immediately so our polling place assignments can be completed smoothly.  Please see note below about Early Voting judge needs, and have fun reading the Newscheck!

10-4-2011 NEWS: In 2012, there is a General Primary and a General Election in November (presidential.)  We'll need to assign just about all our judges.  Some polling places have more than enough judges, so some of those may be asked to serve in a location other than their home polling places. 

EARLY VOTING JUDGES NEEDED:  Early voting for the March 20 General Primary is February 27-March 15.  We want to add 2 more teams of 3 early voting judges (total of 12 judges), working the 3-week schedule as follows: Mondays, Team 1; Tuesdays, Team 2; Wednesdays, Team 3; Thursdays, Team 4.  Then each judge must also choose one Friday OR one Saturday (half-day) to work, making a total of 4 or 3.5 days worked. 

For each full day worked, judge pay will be $75, and for each Saturday, $37.50.  Total pay would be $300 (for example, three Mondays and one Friday), or $262.50 (for three Mondays and one Saturday.)

IF you are interested, and available according to this schedule (sorry, we can't be flexible on that), PLEASE CALL the office any time.  If this works well, we'll try the same schedule for November 2012.

We've been revising the online training programs this summer, and will send reminders of the open training cycle dates after the first of December.  We are also scheduling dates for hands-on training on the VoteSafe electronic pollbooks for those who didn't attend already in spring 2011.  Those sessions will be in Feb. and March 2012.

Look for these mailings: December 2011- letter about online training cycle, log-in
January 2012- Notice to Serve and EJ-BECNewscheck #1, sign up info for VoteSafe training
February 2012- Second Letter and EJ-BECNewscheck #2, also letters to coordinators, field reps, etc. 

8-19-2011 NEWS: There is no election in November of 2011.  The next election will be the General Primary on March 20, 2012.  Election judges will receive letters regarding electronic pollbook training and online training in approximately early December, 2011.  Four-hour certification training classes will be held after the March election, most likely in April, May, and late summer, 2012.


When will classes be offered?
Certification classes for 2012 will be held in April and May, and we hope to add classes in late summer 2012 for those judges who are added to the list later.

VoteSafe training classes for those who did not attend in spring 2011 will be held in February and March 2012. 

What is the schedule for online training?
Before each election, there is an open cycle to complete the online training program.  See this brochure for specific dates through the March 2014 General Primary. 

What is the link to online training?
If you are on the list of active election judges, you may be able to access the online training program.  You will have received a letter with information including a user name and password.

Link to the online training log-in page is here.

Once you are logged in, you will notice on the left side of the online training site, there is a link to Library.  Various documents used in the election process are available for your information and review.

How much are election judges paid?
See our 2012 Judges' Pay Schedule here.  Pay schedule is subject to revision.

How are payments to election workers treated?
See IRS publication here.  Workers who make over $600 in one year will be sent a W2 or 1099 form.

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