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Election Dates and Offices

  • When are General Primaries and Elections held?

  • What offices are nominated in General Primaries?

  • When are Consolidated Primaries and Elections held?

Voter Registration

  • How to Register
  • Who is Qualified
  • How to Change your Address
  • How to Change your Name
  • Absentee Registration
  • Members of the Armed Forces
  • Persons with Disabilities

Absentee Voting

  • What is Absentee Voting?

  • Who can vote by Absentee Ballot?

  • Application for Absentee Voter's Ballot

Early Voting

Grace Period Voting

Deputy Registrars

  • Who can serve as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar?

  • How long does a Volunteer Deputy Registrar serve?

Judge of Election

  • What is a Judge of Election?

  • Qualifications to be a Judge of Election

  • Appointment Process

  • Length of Appointment

  • How to Become a Judge of Election

  • Forms to request information

Provisional Voting

  • When is provisional voting used?

  • How is a provisional ballot cast?

  • How does a voter find out if his/her vote is counted?

Political Sign rules - local

  • Please contact one of the following for information about campaign sign specifications or ordinances.

  • City of Bloomington - Mike Alwes, Sign Inspector, 309-434-2451

  • Town of Normal - Rand Veerman, Sign Inspector, 309-454-9588





"Administering fair, accurate, nonpartisan elections in the City of Bloomington, Illinois since 1914."

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Elections in the remainder of McLean County are administered by the McLean County Clerk.
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