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Provisional voters may check their ballot status here.  Call our office if you have questions.

A voter must vote provisionally if there is a question regarding his or her registration status or eligibility to vote in the election. 

A provisionally voted ballot is the same as a regular ballot, but it will only be counted if the Election Authority’s office can verify after Election Day that the voter is registered and qualified to vote in the election. 

Circumstances where Provisional Voting is used:

  • Your name does not appear on the list of registered voters for this precinct.
  • You are required to show identification at the polls, but you did not bring your ID to the polling place on Election Day.
  • Your voting status has been challenged by an election judge, pollwatcher or another voter and a majority of the election judges agree.
  • You requested or received an absentee ballot but do not have it to forfeit at the polls.
  • Your name appears as having voted early, but you claim that you did not vote early.
  • A court order is issued instructing your polling place to remain open after 7:00 p.m. (Everyone voting after 7:00 p.m. must cast provisional ballots if this occurs.)

 Polling place procedures:

  • Fill out and sign the affidavit form on the provisional envelope.  You will receive a copy of the affidavit.
  • An election judge will note on the affidavit the reason(s) you are voting provisionally.  The judge will place any documentation you provide in the clear plastic window attached to the envelope.
  • After voting your ballot, place the ballot inside the security envelope, seal it and return it to the election judge.
  • If you make a mistake, ask an election judge for a new ballot.  Do not seal the spoiled ballot in the envelope.

 After the polls close:

  • The Election Authority’s office receives all ballots voted provisionally and verifies the registration information for each provisional voter within two weeks after the election.
  • If the Election Authority’s office determines that you are registered and eligible to vote in the precinct where the ballot was cast, the envelope is opened and your ballot is counted.
  • If you are not registered, the envelope will not be opened and the votes you cast will not count.  However, the information you supplied on the envelope will serve as a registration application.

 Additional information:

  • If you have any information, identification or documents (e.g. receipt from the Secretary of State’s Office, copy from a deputy registration form) to show that you are a registered voter or eligible to vote, please:
    • Provide it to the election judges on Election Day.
    • Bring it to the Election Authority’s office.
  • The Election Authority’s office must receive all supporting information before the close of business on the Thursday following Election Day.

Find out if your vote counts:

Visit or call (866) 513-1121, starting 2 weeks after the election.  If your ballot was not counted, you may also learn the reason why it was not.


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Election Commission during office hours:
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Elections in the remainder of McLean County are administered by the McLean County Clerk.
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