New Voter I.D. cards are coming! 
In accordance with Election Law, we are mailing new Voter I.D. cards to all registered voters living within the corporate city limits of Bloomington.  Once you receive your new voter card, discard the old one, since your newest card will include the most up to date information.  If you find an error on your new card, or you did not receive a card by September 30, please contact us at 309-888-5136 or email becvote@becvote.org.

Next election:
General Primary Election on March 20, 2018
General Election on November 6, 2018

Remember to register or update your voter registration record – The Illinois paperless online registration application is a fast way to update your voter record; visit Illinois Online Voter Application.

Check your registration. Are you registered to vote in Illinois? Visit Illinois State Board of Elections to find out. 




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