Training Central

There is no On-Line Training available at this time.

The 4-hour Election Judge Certification classes were scheduled for June, 2018.  At this time, there are no other classes scheduled for the November 2018 election.  If additional classes are scheduled, then we will notify all election judges who did not attend the June classes about the additional training opportunity.

Videos were used as part of the June training classes.  The videos are provided below if Election Judges would like to review them.  The viewing of these videos is not required, and Election Judges will not get additional payment for viewing them.

Checking-in a typical voter:

Checking-in an Inactive voter:

Processing voter not listed in pollbooks:

Processing voter who has recently moved:

Checking-in voter who needs assistance:

Provisional voting:

For future elections, you will be notified about what type of training will be available, and if On-Line Training will be an option.