Voting Equipment

The voting equipment used in the City of Bloomington polling places and for early voting is the DS200 scanner-tabulator manufactured by Election Systems & Software. This equipment accepts either optical scan paper ballots or the ballot card printed on the ExpressVote unit.

On the optical scan ballot, the voter fills in the ovals next to the names of the candidates of his/her choice and then inserts the ballot into the scanner/tabulator ballot box.

See Optical Scan Voting Instructions for further details.

Each polling place is also supplied with equipment designed to allow voters,
including those who are visually or physically challenged, to vote unassisted.  A previous device was first available to voters at the March 21, 2006 General Primary Election.

Now the ES&S ExpressVote, an ADA compliant device, is used to mark the ballot selections of voters who are visually impaired, have a disability, or who are more comfortable with or simply prefer using the unit.

Ballot choices and instructions are displayed in large text print on the touch screen monitor, as well as read by the audio system. Voters enter their selections by touching choices on the screen, pressing keys on the Braille keypad, or using an ADA device (such as puff-sip or foot pedal).

The ExpressVote marks the ballot card with the voter’s selections and returns it to the voter. The ballot card is then inserted into the DS200 scanner in the normal manner for tabulation.

The  ExpressVote has several privacy features. Audio volume can be increased or decreased as desired, and the screen can be turned on and off for privacy. Audio keys on the keypad may be used to control audio sound. Headphones with disposable earpieces may be provided by the election officials.

The ExpressVote also has a ZOOM MODE feature which enlarges the text on the screen, and a High Contrast mode which gives contrast to the screen resolution, for those who are visually impaired.

Board of Elections staff will be happy to demonstrate all equipment in the office.