Information for Candidates, 2018

Candidate’s Guide 2018 is now available from State Board of Elections.

No petition packets for the 2018 elections will be filed with the Bloomington Board of Elections.  In even-numbered years, candidates for Precinct Committeeman in City of Bloomington precincts will pick up and file petitions with the McLean County Clerk. Precinct Committeeman is a county position on a county party committee.

Each candidate may request a CD file of the district voter list for the district in which he/she is a candidate, to be picked up in person.

We are not able to give legal advice, so please consult your attorney for guidance on the filing process.  More information is available from the Illinois State Board of Elections and the Candidate’s Guide regarding running for office.


Currently available forms:

2018 Candidate petition packet – obtain from the McLean County Clerk’s office

Declaration of Intent to be a Write-in Candidate – this form is here for your convenience, but must be filed with the McLean County Clerk’s office.


Illinois State Board of Elections resources:

Illinois State Board of Elections website

Candidate’s Guide 2018

Election and Campaign Finance Calendar

Disclosure of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures