Change Your Address or Name

If you move within McLean County, you must change your address with the election authority, or you must re-register to be able to vote from the new address.

If you move to another county or state, you must register with the local election authority.

How can I change my address for voting purposes?

  • Visit Illinois Online Voter Application to update your voter record in Illinois, OR
  • Complete the back of your voter registration card and mail it to the Board of Election Commissioners, OR
  • Complete a mail-in application and mail it to the Board of Election Commissioners, OR
  • Notify the Board of Elections office in writing of the address change, including your name, birth date, previous and new addresses, phone number, and your signature, OR
  • Change your address at the Driver’s License Facility when you change or renew your Driver’s License. Just answer “yes” when they ask if you wish to register to vote, and get a receipt of registration.

When must I change my address?

The change of address must be received by the Board or postmarked not later than 28 days prior to an election.  We recommend you change it as soon as possible after your move.

Can I change my address by telephone?

No.  We must have a voter’s signature as authorization to change his/her address.

What must I do if I change my name?

You should send in a new registration. See Register to Vote. A name change requires a new registration including a new signature from the applicant.