Vote by Mail

Registered voters in the City of Bloomington can vote by mail for any reason.  In accordance with  P.A. 101-0642, a Vote by Mail ballot application will be sent to all active registered voters in the City of Bloomington who have voted in the last 3 elections or who have registered or changed their address since 3/17/2020 for the November 2020 General Election.  Ballots will be mailed to voters beginning 40 days before the election. The last day for the office to receive a VBM application and send out a ballot is 5 days prior to the election. Please call us for alternate voting options after that time.

Approximately 90 days before each election, you can apply for a Vote By Mail ballot.  When the applications are available, you can:

  • Submit a Vote By Mail Online Application, OR
  • Print the 2020 mail-in form and mail it to our office (2020 General Election) General Election VBM Form 1120 OR
  • Call us and we will mail you an Application for Vote by Mail, pre-printed with your voter information on it, OR
  • Come to our office and complete an application in person.

Can I apply in person?
You can come to our office and complete an application in person, but you may find it more convenient to use Early Voting at our office. Please check Early Voting dates and location schedule to see if that is an option for you.

How and when will vote by mail ballots be counted?
Vote by mail ballots are counted at the election center, starting at 10 a.m. on the 15th day before an election. Ballots received before then are securely held and processed with the ballots received on the 15th day. Thereafter, ballots are processed daily as they are received, up to and including Election Day. Any ballots received after Election Day that can still be counted (see criteria below) are processed on the 14th day after the election.

To be counted, vote by mail ballots must be:
– Postmarked before midnight on the day of election and arrive by mail in the office within 14 days after the election, OR
– Returned in person to the Board of Elections office, any time before the close of polls on election day.
– Vote by mail ballots are not counted if they are returned late to the Board of Elections office or not postmarked by election day.

I am permanently disabled. Can I vote by mail in every election?
If permanently disabled, a voter may apply to automatically receive vote by mail applications at every election for a period of five years (renewable.) Please contact us by mail, phone or email.

***See Illinois State Board of Elections if you are registered/live elsewhere in Illinois for election authority contact information and websites.